STORM - Solar system plasma Turbulence:  Observations, inteRmittency and Multifractals

 This database provides results of planetary plasma data analysis from Cluster (2007-2008) and Venus Express (2007-2008); it also includes an analysis of geomagnetic field fluctuations for the same time interval. The database includes three catalogues, one for each type of analysis, organized as shown below:

  1. D4MINMSPH_2007_2008_PSD - A catalogue of spectral analysis of magnetospheric (mainly magnetosheath from Cluster and Venus Express) and geomagnetivc data between 2007 and 2008; it includes 870 PSD spectra (337 from Cluster data, 396 from geomagnetic field data, 101 spectra from Venus Express data).
  2. D4MINMSPH_2007_2008_PDF - A catalogue of Probability distribution functions (PDFs) computed for magnetic fluctuations recorded  in the planetary plasma (mainly magnetosheath) by Cluster and Venus Express and a few events from Cassini, between 2007 and 2008; it includes 3921 PDFs of which 1685 from Cluster data, 274 for geomagnetic field data, 1930 from Venus Express data, 15 PDFs from Cassini.
  3. D4MINMSPH_2007_2008_Multifractals - A catalogue of multifractal spectra (computed with Partition Function and Rank Ordered methods) of magnetic fluctuations recorded in the planetary magnetosheath by Cluster and Venus Express between 2007 and 2008; it also includes a multifractal analysis of geomagnetic field fluctuations within the same time period. The catalogue includes 6752 multifractal spectra, of which 316 Partition Function spectra and 2616 ROMA spectra for terrestrial magnetosphere, 1544 Partition Function spectra and 2334 ROMA spectra for Venus magnetosheath, and 120 Partition Function spectra and 120 ROMA spectra for geomagnetic indices.

The two archives D4MINMSPH_2007_2008_PSD and D4MINMSPH_2007_2008_PDF have a similar structure ilustrated by the diagram inserted below. The two archves include image files (in TIF format) and the corresponding binary files (.txt) for PSDs and PDFs computed for magnetosheath data provided by Cluster 1 and Venus Express. A few PDFs are computed for Cassini data in Saturn's magnetosheath. PSDs and PDFs are also computed for the geomagnetic field fluctuations. The names of the files are self explanatory and indicate the magnetospherc region ('MS' for magnetosheath), the spacecraft and the date of observations, as illustrated by the example included in the diagram below.


The structure of the archive D4MINMSPH_2007_2008_Multifractals is illustrated by the diagram included below. We provide two types of multifractal spectra:(1) the partition function multifractal spectra (for a description see, e.g., Wawrzaszek et al., ApJL, 2015) and the Rank  Ordered Multifractal Analysis (ROMA, for a description see; e.g. Chang et al., 2011). The results are grouped as a function of spacecraft and type of wind (fast versus slow).

The structure of the data catalogue D4MINMSPH_2007_2008_Multifractals