STORM - Solar system plasma Turbulence:  Observations, inteRmittency and Multifractals

The FP7 project STORM targets data from solar system missions equipped with plasma and electromagnetic field instruments, including magnetometers, electron and ion spectrometers, wave analysers. The STORM "core" missions are:  Ulysses - the European solar wind explorer, Cluster - a state of the art multi-point European mission in the Earth's magnetosphere and Venus Express - the European mission to Venus. The latter two missions also contribute observations of the solar wind.

A full package of analysis methods, as described here, was applied on magnetic field data and, when available, plasma data. We computed the Power Spectral Densities (PSD), the Probability Distribution Functions (PDFs) and the multifractal spectra based on partition function and rank ordered fluctuations. The results of the analyses are cathegorized and organized in databases and catalogues according to the time interval, type of analysis and targeted system. We focus on three time intervals, two at solar minimum and one at solar maximum. We target two solar system plasma systems: (1) the solar wind and (2) the planetary plasma (including the geomagnetic field fluctuations).

The databases and catalogues can be downloaded freely by users registered on this site. Registration is simple, just send an email to marius.echim @ and give a brief description of the reason why you need access to these results or use the login form.

In order to download the databases and catalogues follow the link : Storm Data Base registered download.

Below we provide a description of each database and catalogue organized in five different repositories corresponding to five different phases of the solar cycle and/or solar system plasma system (solar wind and planetary magnetospheres).