STORM - Solar system plasma Turbulence:  Observations, inteRmittency and Multifractals

This work package is devoted to an advanced data analysis method based on the multi-spacecraft analysis methods for anisotropy, the wave telescope and the wave source locator and the discriminating statistics.

The multi-spacecraft methods and the wave telescope and wave locator can be applied only in the context of Cluster data but can provide interesting results both for the solar wind (at 1 AU) and the terrestrial magnetosphere. The methods based on discriminating statistics can be applied on single spacecraft data; the cumulant based costs provide good results for time series with a small number of samples which is very useful in case of planetary plasma observations. This work package provides quantitative estimators of turbulence that are complimentary to those derived by WP2-WP5 and contributeto the estimations of the errors introduced by the approximations made.