STORM - Solar system plasma Turbulence:  Observations, inteRmittency and Multifractals

This work package is devoted to the analysis of the intermittent turbulence in the planetary plasmas of Venus and the Earth, using data from Cluster and Venus Express data, and also in the vicinity of comets (Halley, Grig-Skjelerupp, 67P/Churyumov-Gerasimenko), Mars and Saturn.

Data from the terrestrial magnetosphere are analyzed and catalogued according to the investigated region (magnetosheath,boundary layers, cusps). The power spectral densities are computed for the data sets selected from Cluster (magnetic and electric field, plasma variables) for solar maximum and solar minimum. At solar maximum (2000-2001) data from the Earth magnetosphere will be complemented with data from Mars Global Surveyor. At solar minimum (2007-2008) the Cluster data in the Earth magnetosphere are complemented by data from Venus (Venus Express) and Saturn (Cassini-Huygens). Signs of intermittency are searched in each of these data sets and investigated with the dedicated analysis methods (multifractals, wavelets, higher order moments). Comparative studies search for similarities and differences between the planetary intermittency and its possible dependence on the solar cycle.

Power Spectral Density analysis in planetary plasmas at solar maximum and minimum

The first step of the analysis, the evaluation of the Power Spectral Densities (PDFs) has been accomplished in 2013. The results are summarized in a report that can be found in:


A list of the time intervals analysed is included in the document available below:


The PSD and the data are available from the STORM catalogs ftp repository. The access is password restricted, the access is granted by a request to the STORM coordinator (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.).