STORM - Solar system plasma Turbulence:  Observations, inteRmittency and Multifractals

The multifractal analysis based on rank ordering of fluctuations is a method invented by Chang and Wu (2004). Since the Rank Ordered Multifractal Analysis (ROMA) method is rather novel and complex this module includes several sub-modules, some of them with a dedicated technical content aiming to help the user to understand/control some of the particularities of the method itself.

The technical and practical details are included in the Tutorial available here: INA_Tutorial8_ROMA_Analysis_v2.pdf


The ROMA Analysis module contains 4 sub-modules labeled as follows: a) Fluctuations, b) Range-limited SFs, c) ROMA Spectrum and d) AROMA, all of them accessible from the right hand side panel of the main ROMA analysis window.  ROMA is a complex analysis method, thus the output, the ROMA spectrum, must be supplemented by preliminary tests and analyses to understand and validate the results. Analysis steps like the ones grouped under the labels Fluctuations and Range-limited SFs are used for such preliminary purposes. The functions ROMA Spectrum and AROMA on the other hand provide the ROMA spectrum itself using two different approaches.

Here we give an example of a screen capture of one results of this analysis, the ROMA spectrum.

ROMA spectrum and rescaled PDF.