STORM - Solar system plasma Turbulence:  Observations, inteRmittency and Multifractals

The Spectal analysis tools implemented in INA include a basic level "Descriptive Statistics" and a more advanced "Power Spectral Density" Analysis.

Two tutorials are devoted to this module and can be downloaded here: 



The Descriptive Statistics module of INA is designed as a “first look” to the data and contains two subclasses of methods: a) Periodogram and b) Histogram. A screenshot is included below.

Screenshot of INA Descriptive Statistics Toolbox.

The Spectral Analysis class contains two subclasses of methods: a) Power Spectral Density (PSD) analysis with the Welch algorithm (PSD-Welch analysis) and b) the analysis of the evolution of the PSD in time – the Spectrogram analysis. INA offers also to perform slope analysis on various regions of the PSD as illustrated in the figure below.

Spectral Analyis and Slope Evaluation with INA